A1 Sheetmetal Fabrication

At A1 Sheetmetal Fabrication we are able to design & manufacture for our clients products of the highest standard, using our extensive range of world class technology.

We interpret drawings, make both long and short run products, as well as providing our clients with products that are tailor made to meet their needs.

At A1 Sheetmetal Fabrication we will provide an accurate quotation for any job, large or small.

A1 Sheetmetal Fabrication can manufacture any sheetmetal product to your specifications, using our extensive knowledge & skill, manufactured using one of (or a combination of) any of our world class machines listed below.

The world class machines available at A1 Sheetmetal Fabrication to meet our clients needs include:

TDF SINGLE HEAD ROLL FORMER - Allowing for creation of an integrated flange on straight duct work

PLASMA - Cutter 10mm

GUILLOTINES - Madison HS 3006 with powdered back gauge, capable of guillotining 6mm material x 3000mm long

FOLDERS - Various folders & press including; Scalen 980FX CNC Hydraulic Press 3700 long with CNC powdered back gauge, capable of folding materials 6mm x 3700mm long

ROLLERS - Able to roll up to 6mm material x 2400mm long